Calligraphy Tips

My Favorite Brush Pens

I first started doing Chinese calligraphy when I was in elementary school, so when I switched over to English calligraphy, I naturally gravitated towards using brush pens. Finally, I no longer had to grind my own ink and clean my brush repeatedly. Over the years, I have tried out several different types of brush pens so I’ll be reviewing them all here. Most of them I purchased while vacationing in Japan, but JetPens has a great selection for those of you living in the states.

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Creating Our Own Wedding Suite

Before starting on my own wedding suite, I had a million and one ideas on how it could be done. Alas, as I did not have infinite time nor an unlimited budget, we had to decide on something eventually. What I did settle on was something minimalist, geometric and modern. I’ve always been a fan of art deco but didn’t want the invitations to end up looking too Gatsby-like, especially since the venue was a low-key, intimate outdoor garden.

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